Luxury leather EL K50 mobile phone highlights business elite character

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Luxury leather EL K50 mobile phone highlights business elite character

New Choices for Business People .  The Light Luxury in EL K50 Mobile Phones

With the rapid development of smart technology, today's smart phones have long been popular with millions of families. As a necessity in modern life, how can mobile phones provide us with better experience? What kind of mobile phones can benefit your temperament and taste? For business elites, when it comes to the selection of mobile phones, great attentions are paid to the mobile phones appearance with a business style and the safety and convenience for use. The K50, a luxury mobile phone from ELONG, can satisfy the needs of business people in all these considerations.

Luxury leather EL K50 mobile phone highlights business elite character

Why choose the EL K50 luxury brand? For this is a luxury that most people can afford. Here we are going to analyze the highlights of the EL K50 luxury mobile phone released in early May.
1.Safety Protection

With the development of smart phones, the safety of mobile phones has attracted more and more people's attention. This is especially true of the K50, which is a light luxury. It is reported that EL K50 is equipped with an eight-core processor platform and 6G RAM + 64G ROM storage standard which provides us with the smooth experience in watching videos or playing games. The mobile phone systems focus on security and have a unique privacy design in the leak-proof, anti-theft, anti- Disturbance and data protection aspects.  The anti-theft function is a new highlight which makes it a mobile phone that can never get lost.

Luxury leather EL K50 mobile phone highlights business elite character

2.Luxurious materials and exquisite craftsmanship

Let's have a glance at the appearance of the VETAS V9 phone material. The body of the mobile phone combines world luxury materials and exquisite craftsmanship, titanium alloy frame which contains the outstanding design concept as well as black matte titanium components, with the first layer of imported calfskin which gives a silent luxury. Blending all these elements together, it can better reflect the exquisite attitude of business people toward work and life.

3.Luxury leather customization

Speaking of the appearance of the mobile phone, its material is really important. The EL K50 still has a strong artistic atmosphere from France. The mobile phone cooperates with suppliers of the same level as LV and Hermès which selects high-grade leather and supports private customization. The machine perfectly combines leather and metal, showing excellent grip touch. Compared with all-metal and glass cases which are now generally used in the mobile phone market, the EL K50 mobile phone can highlight its unique design.

4.Hand-made (by 40 pairs of skilled hands during 90 days elaborate production)

The EL phone is crafted with 40 pairs of hands for 90 days. Attention has been paid to trivial details. Through the hand-polished design, the K50 becomes more sophisticated and meticulous compared to the production line products. It also brings a more beautiful and luxurious appearance of the phone.

Luxury leather EL K50 mobile phone highlights business elite character

EL mobile phone is so wonderful and EL latest K50 is to bring us more luxury enjoyment. There are a lot of mobile phones of business style in the current mobile phone market, but some are too luxurious, some are too plain or without individuality. The EL K50 is appropriately light luxurious and comfortable. It is a good choice for those who pursue quality and personalization to enjoy the beauty of life with light luxury.

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